Mathematical Intuition Club

The community for Parents who don’t just want to teach better,but help their child develop Mathematical Intuition

Have no expertise knowledge, no time too

You’re not a quitter.

Other people might put excuse of “non-expert” and love to stay under the covers of complain,

…….but you?

You don’t call in sick and phobia

.…….What would your kids do without you?

You eat with them. Sing with them. Sleep with them. Play with them. See them more than anyone else do. You even know that “look” when they are hungry…

(its a sixth sense….isn’t it)

Your kids depend on you and that’s why you are here.

……but secretly?

Have you sometimes wondered…..What would a regular 24 hours job look like?

One where you’d have the tools- the resources- the help you need….……

and not have to re-invent the plans about what to do, how to do, when to do every weekend?

One where you could troubleshoot your failures, but do bask in your success?

(instead of struggling done- just you go against the world).

One where you could just execute the work and walk out the door

 ……………and enjoy the work leaving the pressure behind.

Let’s BE HONEST: What you really need is MAGIC WINGS

..but now?

You can have the next best thing.


The place for parents of 0 to 5 years of age group who want to bring maths in their kids and still have a life.

It’s the place you can go to get new ideas and inspiration for you to do at home is fun…….……

……….without any worksheets or books

The place where you can feel safe asking questions and get REAL answers

(… really doesn’t exist)

The place where you can access powerful trainings, just for your child (whenever you want),

24/7…… transform your teaching so you can save time in planning and researching and live more confident.

When you become a member of the Mathematical Intuition Club, you’re saying YES- not just to your children….but to yourself.


It’s Easier than you think

The Mathematical Intuition Club helps parents like you same time, teach better and live more in 4 simple steps:

Get Equipped

Watch and apply at your own pace

Get Inspired

24/7 Support

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