Innate Ability

A child makes similar faces like other’s while tasting lemon for the first time. Is there anything to relate with Maths?

Yes, its important innate ability of Patterning.

Mathematical Mindset

At early age they have the capacity to think Maths rather than doing Maths. We adults loose the capacity to think Maths when we grow, rather we start doing Maths. Thus, we teach children to do Maths rather than think Maths.

Help Your Child Develop Think Maths

Learning Trajectories

Maths is not only about numbers. Its Patterning, Number Sense, Spatial Visualisation, Spatial Orientation, Problem Solving, Classification, Counting, Subitizing, Operations, Fractions, Shapes, 2D, 3D space.

21st Century Learner

It helps your child to adopt 21st century learning skills such as being a problem solver, critical thinker, innovator, communicator, globally aware, self-directed learner, information and media literate, collaborator, civically engaged, financially and economically- literate.


Mathematics is not only for mathematicians. It helps them to be a good Dancer, musician, chef, Coder, SportsPerson, Photographer, Cartographer, Business Analyst, Climatologists, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer and lot many other careers.

Develop Mathematical Intuition

Intuition is a logical thinking that comes instant. It is seeing relationships based on personal experiences. For instance, A batsman has to use his intuition when the ball is coming in front of him to hit it that at what speed its coming and what speed should he use to hit the ball.