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5 days Mathematical Intuition Mastery class

Mathematical Intuition 5-day Mastery class will take you through the practical experience of in-depth knowledge of learning mathematics Trajectories. You will reveal the learning trajectories and strategies used in Elementary Mathematics Education.

Mastery class is conducted by taking special care of one-to one by me.

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Access to Full length Interview to Expert’s Interview

Beatrice (Bea) Moore Luchin has worked for almost 40 years in Mathematics education as a Teacher, Supervisor, Content Coach, Mentor, and Author shares her experience and tips of understanding Mathematics by students, Teachers and Parents.

Shannon Mc. Cartney has over 15 years of teaching experience. She works with hundreds of teachers each year on numeracy concepts within the 21st century and reasoning in Mathematics. She talks about how learning takes place in the 21st century.

Sanjay Raghav calls Mathematics as a discipline not as a subject. He is the founder-director of arc Math. He designs activities to make the children’s learning in-depth. He talks about misconceptions while teaching Mathematics and also points out the gaps in Mathematics education.

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Child-parent Relationship Scale

Parent and Child bonding is always special and comes with great responsibility. While being lost in the daily chores and busyness of life, the child-parent bonding may get overlooked. This may lead to ignoring this relationship which directly or indirectly has an impact on the child. 

The Child-Parent Relationship scale is developed at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development to assess the parent’s views of their relationship with their child and take a step towards improving this relationship.


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Child’s Numeracy Milestone First-Ever Digital Checklist

As soon as children start exploring the world, they start learning Maths. Each skill starting from moving their body to identifying shapes to exploring patterns to counting builds on what they already know. This checklist will help you to identify the already hit milestone and get ready to work upon the next milestone.

Early childhood numeracy development is not just about counting and operating numbers but it involves holistic development- patterning, visualization, abstract thinking, etc. A child develops at a fast pace in the first few years of life. Track what milestones your baby should be touching from birth to their fifth birthday.

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Numeracy Challenge for You

Most people harbor the perception that Maths is just a subject and it is of no implication after we complete our academics. However, the fact is we all use Maths every day, we just often don’t think of it as Maths. I recommend you evaluate your everyday numeracy skills.

It is designed to give you an accurate picture of everyday maths skills used by you. These are the skills that help you in making great decisions in your life whether it’s personal or professional. To improve upon it, increase your confidence with numbers. Check your level, your strengths, and your weaknesses and print a Certificate of being a Numerate.

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About the Author

Hi! I am Gunjan Agarwal a.k.a. Early Mind Curator

4 Quick Facts About Me:

  1. I am blessed with one son. I thank my Almighty that I got an instinct to guide him in the right way. It directed me towards the research of searching the right way which changed my thought to teach Mathematics at elementary age. I am fortunate that at the right time I realised that I could give him Maths experience rather than teaching him Maths.

  2. I started calling myself an Early Mind Curator. I realised children are born with innate abilities. They are born with the capacity of learning by self. It is we who need to find the possibilities to allow them to explore the world with their innate curiosity. The more we realise and support them, the more they learn through their environment.

  3. I strongly believe in a Positive Approach and Growth Mindset. Finding the correct answer of a particular Math Problem and teaching the students to find the correct answer is NOT Mathematics in real Sense.

  4. My Mentor was my Mathematics Teacher Mrs. Mita Banerjee. She changed my mindset of learning Mathematics at my age of 15 years and held my hands to step up on the ladder.