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What Mathematics Education Experts say about the Book?

Who Should Read this book?

Parents and Elementary Educators who want to know What is Early Maths all about?

Parents and Elementary Educators who are looking to build a 21st Century learner.

Parents and Elementary Educators who don’t want to transfer Math Anxiety in their child.

Parents and Elementary Educators who want to build Raw minds at an early age to build Curative and Confident minds for their future.

Parents who want to know the activities to do at home to develop their mathematical intuition.

Elementary educators who want to know the strategies to teach Maths at an early age.

Elementary educators who are struggling to be confident while teaching mathematics in the classroom.

Administrators of Preschools to nurture their children with the right mathematical education in their school.

People who feel that ‘I am not a Math Person’


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Early Maths Matter!

Maths is not only Numbers rather it’s a THINKING ABILITY.

How Early Number Sense starts developing and why is it important at an early age?

How Maths works for the brain and how does it impact on life skills like problem solving skills, etc?

How Maths is applied in all the other careers along with mathematics related careers may it be a dancer, musician, sports person, coder, chef?

How poor numeracy skills impact on day to day decisions like employability, Earnings and on Savings and Financial Health?

What are the special strategies to apply on the child to develop Mathematical mindset?

The numeracy development stages age wise along with suggested activities.

How does a child grow and develop? How does their brain develop?

10 Parenting Techniques to Connect with your child

How to build mathematical mindset from an early age?

Why Do Students struggle with Maths?

And Many More…

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5 days Mathematical Intuition Mastery class

Mathematical Intuition 5-day Mastery Class will take you through the practical experience of in-depth knowledge of learning mathematics Trajectories. You will reveal the learning trajectories and strategies used in Elementary Mathematics Education.

Mastery class is conducted by taking special care of one-to one by me.

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Access to Full length Interview to Expert’s Interview

Beatrice (Bea) Moore Luchin has worked for almost 40 years in Mathematics education as a Teacher, Supervisor, Content Coach, Mentor, and Author shares her experience and tips of understanding Mathematics by students, Teachers and Parents.

Shannon Mc. Cartney has over 15 years of teaching experience. She works with hundreds of teachers each year on numeracy concepts within the 21st century and reasoning in Mathematics. She talks about how learning takes place in the 21st century.

Sanjay Raghav calls Mathematics as a discipline not as a subject. He is the founder-director of arc Math. He designs activities to make the children’s learning in-depth. He talks about misconceptions while teaching Mathematics and also points out the gaps in Mathematics education.

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Child-parent Relationship Scale

Parent and Child bonding is always special and comes with great responsibility. While being lost in the daily chores and busyness of life, the child-parent bonding may get overlooked. This may lead to ignoring this relationship which directly or indirectly has an impact on the child.

The Child-Parent Relationship scale is developed at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development to assess the parent’s views of their relationship with their child and take a step towards improving this relationship.

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Child’s Numeracy Milestone First-Ever Digital Checklist

As soon as children start exploring the world, they start learning Maths. Each skill starting from moving their body to identifying shapes to exploring patterns to counting builds on what they already know. This checklist will help you to identify the already hit milestone and get ready to work upon the next milestone.

Early childhood numeracy development is not just about counting and operating numbers but it involves holistic development- patterning, visualization, abstract thinking, etc. A child develops at a fast pace in the first few years of life. Track what milestones your baby should be touching from birth to their fifth birthday.

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Numeracy Challenge for You

Most people harbor the perception that Maths is just a subject and it is of no implication after we complete our academics. However, the fact is we all use Maths every day, we just often don’t think of it as Maths. I recommend you evaluate your everyday numeracy skills.

It is designed to give you an accurate picture of everyday maths skills used by you. These are the skills that help you in making great decisions in your life whether it’s personal or professional. To improve upon it, increase your confidence with numbers. Check your level, your strengths, and your weaknesses and print a Certificate of being a Numerate.

What do Professionals say?

“Cooking had always been my lifeline. Creating new recipes and innovating with new dishes have never been a challenging task for me. With my practice and regular innovations, I develop myself more. As per my studies is concerned, I was never good at Mathematics. While talking to Gunjan, I realized that I am already having mathematical intuition which somewhere got connected to me as we use so many measurements with our ingredients but has never used an instrument to measure them. Gunjan has brought the concept to me and I wish her success and recommend her book to all the elementary creators and educators. The practical approach is needed in developing mathematical intuition which is clearly depicted through the book.”

Joseph Rozario

Master CHEF, Author, Consultant

What do Professionals say?

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami.

This book is worth read, each chapter work as a step from Understanding early maths to Searching solution to help my child. The book talks about importance of maths in Pre School, how one can develop strong sense also how our mind start developing sense for mathematics. This book brings a separate class for understanding mathematics which is a must for Parents, Children’s and Faculties in order to bring out best in child.

Gaurav Rana

Assistant Professor, Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi

What do Professionals say?

This book explains the logical facts so clearly and interestingly. It clearly depicts that Maths is for all. The book is highly recommended for teachers and parents. I appreciate the author’s good work. “Believing in yourself is the first step to success.”

Dr. Anshu Arora

Principal of Amity International School. She is CBSE awardee and Recipient of ‘Jewel of India’, Limca Book Recognition, International Leadership Award and many more

What do Professionals say?

My company specializes in creating content and curriculum for the early years, conducting teacher development workshops and setting up early childcare /preschool centers. The book is easy to understand giving just the right amount of theory to back up the information. This book is a very sincere attempt to bring an understanding of mathematics into the homes of young parents. It is an attempt to transform the way a child learns. It’s a very easy read which is simple to understand giving valuable knowledge which is based on research and first-hand experience.

Amrita Rajpal

Founder Edu Learrn Grow and Co-founder THE ABCD SHOW

What do Professionals say?

My parents had a strong discipline for my learning & exploring. School was in addition to my parents & brother. I liked the fact about the book depicting about having an early strong foundation in Math is crucial and starting to learn early helps you succeed later in life. The most valuable insight for me was Math is a tool that every child needs to learn at an early stage. I recommend this book to Parents, Grandparents & Teachers. The author is passionate about helping children learn math at an early stage so they will succeed & be knowledgeable. “To succeed in life, you always have to think long-term. The earlier you start, the better you will be in the long-term”.

Mark Yacoub

Health Insurance Broker, Private Pilot, USA

What do Professionals say?

The book talks about a topic that (no matter what) touches the lives of every human being. While in school and even thereafter, I had a phobia of “Mathematics”. If it had not been for my mother, I don’t think I would have ever learnt mathematics. I wish Gunjan was born a few decades ago and had written this book when I was in school. I would urge everyone to read this book and fall in love with the subject and its applicability in real life. Special kudos to Gunjan for writing this book

Akhil Iyer

34th ranker in CA and silver medalist in MBA who worked with Google, American Express, HSBC,EY, GE, British Council and Career Coach, Storyteller also Author of Best Seller Up the Ladder

What do Professionals say?

As a child I was a very shy child but now I have graduated to being a Voracious speaker. Similarly, Maths as a subject scared me. I passed with three grace marks in Geometry in Grade IX, but surprisingly passed with distinction in Class X. My fears probably got transferred to my elder son and he also passed his Math exam of class X by mugging up theorems! Ms. Gunjan has chosen the Wonderful theme for her book-relating Math to the same concept. I wish the audience who read the book will not transfer their fear in their children. She has used a light tone to convey a few grave points to the audience and this Will be a crowd puller.Most children love to dance these days and when the parents and educators will read about the link between dance and Math they can explain it to the children.

Kesar Patel

Principal of Zain International School, Bangalore, Educationist, and recipient of National Award Winner by MHRD

What do Professionals say?

I am a hockey cum Tennis Coach since my childhood I love to play the games. Mathematics plays the main role in every sports. Before play, we have to measure the inner area and outer area of the ground and also at every instance we use mathematical intuition. How to make maths easy for the children, and create interest to understand the subject is well known to the author.



What do Professionals say?

My childhood days were spent learning at my home. I was connected when I was reading the book because it was my parents who have given me the initial training. The book is well researched and apt in a way that anyone can comprehend. It’s a brilliant book for all parents not only for mathematics but in general as well. I am sure the author’s experience and knowledge will bring a new era of understanding mathematics. The way spirituality psychology science and real-life examples has been entwined with each other it makes it interesting as well as easily comprehendable. We have the ability to do everything possible but the general trend is to look for someone to depend upon even for learning how to walk and talk. If animals can do without trainers then “Aren’t we more developed than animals”.

Sriya Singhal

Education Counsellor & Clinical Therapist

What do Professionals say?

I always loved music as a kid, perceived and pursued the art of music and its relevance starting at a young age. My connection with mathematics started with Astrophysics. However, it was later taken over when I pursued to become a music producer. I loved how the author has grasped the attention of the readers by involving all areas of mathematical influence. It is fundamental to understand how math is more than just a subject! We use it daily without even knowing it! Therefore, it is imperative that this knowledge be rehearsed and exercised to bring out the best result. I recommend the book to all young minds who aspire and have a desire to follow their passion need to read this book! The author has done great job on this educating and fun masterpiece. I wish the readers to read this book to it’s entirety!!!

Ken Moses

Music Producer, United States of America

What do Professionals say?

The right guidance can greatly shape a child’s career and growth. The book helps parents/guardians to gain a holistic understanding about the importance of the subject and its influence in a child’s life. Understanding key subjects like mathematics is extremely important, and this should be encouraged since the very beginning. Not everyone has the same level of intellect and brainpower, but given the right learning and help, every child can excel. Gunjan ‘di’ has been an incredible teacher and mentor to me. I will forever be thankful to her for the contribution she made in my journey, towards a successful career in actuarial science.

Puja Agarwal

Actuarial Analyst working in EY

What do Professionals say?

A very good initiative has been taken by the author for bringing the concept. The book is well designed, interesting and important for every parent to know.

Praphula Jain

Research Scholar, IIT- Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

What do Professionals say?

My childhood revolved around studying well and scoring to the best of my capabilities but I decided to take the plunge and invest more time on my artistic side. My connection with mathematics is a little complicated, I would get the concepts easily and do well but I would never be able to give a lot of time to it. Having learnt maths from you, made it really easy for me. Your patience is remarkable. The fact that the book talks about two parallel subjects and still manages to connect it beautifully was very relatable to me as a dancer. The book brilliantlly shows a whole new perspective. “Be open, learn and improvise. Learning will always take you a long way ahead and learning never ends.” I would recommend this book to my fellow dancers who are scared of mathematics and to myself as well!

Arkadyuti RoyChoreographer, represented India in World Hip Hop Championship in San Diego

The chapters outline of the book is rightly pointing out to many a taboo about Maths. The children fear Maths because of Teachers and Parents and later students develop this fear and a distaste towards the subject creeps in.This book wonderfully puts together the matters of “fact” and turning into the fact of “matter.”

I am very happy for Gunjan and her thoughts which actually translates the fear, anxiety and pain of not being guided properly by those responsible for the children. A Must-read book with good intention by both Parents and Teachers. One should not be biased and give vague opinion but should feel it as a responsibility because it brings a lot of truth which was not exposed earlier.I wish Gunjan “All the best” for the success of her hard work and perseverance.

R.K MosesPrincipal

Mount Litera Zee School


About The Author

Hi! I am Gunjan Agarwal a.k.a. Early Mind Curator

4 Quick Facts About Me:

  • I am blessed with one son. I thank my Almighty that I got an instinct to guide him in the right way. It directed me towards the research of searching the right way which changed my thought to teach Mathematics at elementary age. I am fortunate that at the right time I realised that I could give him Maths experience rather than teaching him Maths.

  • I started calling myself an Early Mind Curator. I realised children are born with innate abilities. They are born with the capacity of learning by self. It is we who need to find the possibilities to allow them to explore the world with their innate curiosity. The more we realise and support them, the more they learn through their environment.

  • I strongly believe in a Positive Approach and Growth Mindset. Finding the correct answer of a particular Math Problem and teaching the students to find the correct answer is NOT Mathematics in real Sense.

  • My Mentor was my Mathematics Teacher Mrs. Mita Banerjee. She changed my mindset of learning Mathematics at my age of 15 years and held my hands to step up on the ladder.

Here’s What Readers Say!