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Students In The World Suffer From Math Phobia

Gain Understanding of How Little Ones Learn Math At A Very Early Age So That You Can Confidently Close Your Textbooks And Worksheets and do fun and play with them.

Hey Parents,
When I say Math, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Let me guess!

A scary face pops up in your mind, or your mind time-travels to some dreadful past memories, or maybe some mysterious formulas and #numbers start to dance in front of your eyes!

If so, you are in the RIGHT place!

Have you ever reflected upon what makes you think and feel like this? What might be the root cause behind your fear of #numbers?

Most likely it could be because you have had formed a perception “I don’t like the subject.” Or “I can’t memorise the formulas.” Or “I don’t feel the need for higher mathematics.” Or “I am not good at calculating.” Or it is just “Why should I bother when the calculator can do it all for me?”

Factually, Math is not just about calculating and computing. If you are well-versed in the subject, you feel smarter, confident in taking decisions for yourself and others. Besides, Math is said to boost your: Power of Reasoning Creativity Abstract or Spatial Thinking Problem-Solving Ability Critical Thinking Effective Communication Skills Finance Management And many more….

All these elements are not just limited to the boundaries of academics. These are lifelong companions and also the critical factors that decide the course of life.

Hi, I am Gunjan Agarwal, Assistant Professor, a budding author, and #mom to Hirav Agarwal. I embrace 13 years of extensive teaching experience starting from teaching the nuts and bolts of the subject to students at home to teaching in School and finally in College. I have taught students from Grade 3 to College level very widely and have hand-held more than 1000 students.

During my journey as a #teacher, I have found that a majority of students have very low confidence when it comes to #Math. Students at the middle-school level can still overcome this with the RIGHT kind of direction and training. However, if it remains untreated, it turns into a nuisance for life.

In the case of college-level students, the #kids are at the most mature level, therefore, it is a little tough to change the mindset. This is the phase when kids are full of self-dignity and usually turn a deaf ear to parents or trainers.

Therefore, it DEMANDS a great deal of Skill, Effort and Patience to convey your message to the kids of this age category. And if you do not apply these three aspects in the right balance, you might turn your kid into a rebel.

I am a #Mother now!
And I must say that my motherhood has helped me significantly to change my perspective for the students who are unable to cope with this fantastic play of numbers. During the initial stage of gaining awareness, I started to think of those #Parents who wanted their child to be an achiever in life but landed up with shattered dreams.

What might have caused this turn of events?

I decided that I will take care of my child from the beginning. I will not let this happen to my child.

I started thinking over “Is it that these Parents might have not thought like me?” All parents give the best education to their children, which may be even beyond their capacity. No parent thinks twice of the return while paying the pricey school fees.

Still, why do things go wrong, where is the gap area that gradually keeps widening?

Therefore, I decided to step in a different pair of shoes; from a Mother’s to a Teacher’s. While training my kid, I got the insight that it is the first 5-6 years of life which makes the base and the root of future life. Once the #roots are strong enough, the seedling will automatically turn into a towering tree.

During my conversations with mommy friends, I realized that it depends greatly on us Parents how a child feels about Math when he/she is of 10 years and later when he/she is of 20 years.

The way you inculcate Math now from birth to 5-year-olds will have a direct impact on whether they consider Math, A Monster or A Magic! later in elementary school and beyond.

The GOOD NEWS is that you are still not late even if you were not good at this skill can help your child consider Math, A Magic!

Such realisations inspired me to write this book and help other Parents who are in the same boat.

So, if you are among those parents who don’t want to think after 20 years “What went wrong in spite of doing everything best for my child”, if you are SERIOUS about “How can I help my child when I am not an expert in Math and don’t like the subject myself….

Then, just don’t wait; Grab the book “Early Math Matters”.

This can prove to be a life-changing book for your kid and of course for you too!

I am enthused to help 1000 parents whom I can reach out by the end of 2020 and help them curate the little minds of their children. My mission is to build a strong foundation of the child at the grass-root level for a better future

I am running a campaign for the PRE- Launch of my book with little surprises during the process. If you wish to be part of this campaign, you just need to fill the form.

SEE you in the campaign!

Early Math Matters

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